Home Away from Home.

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We are seeking High Networth Individuals and Companies particularly those who are operating CSR to invest £40,000,  £50,000 or £70,000 per Unit for a 10% Return which will help a Good Cause.  The target for 2017 is 100 units - 1, 2 or 3 bedroom apartments.


Please indicate your interest by sending us a message.  You can visit us or we can come to you and do

a presentation.  Contact us for further information.


10% Per Annum - can opt for Monthly return (Guaranteed)



3 or 5 year option available



Full Investment returned after 3 years can extend to 5 years



No Risk - Investment is Secured as a first charge on the property



Solicitor to Solicitor transactions



Company Logo or statement as to why you are motivated to help

published on our website if you choose to publish your help.


* Required